Solar Street Lighting System (SSL) is an ideal lighting system for illumination of street lights, squares, cross roads, etc of villages/farm houses/ parking lots/ residential societies etc. Street lights of type can be designed of LED, CFL, LPSV lamps. In many instances lighting at night can be a costly and complicated matter. Issues such as; no available grid power or expensive trenching and cabling requirements can prevent adequate lighting being installed; Damage to the area requiring lighting is also a problem as with conventional lighting systems; footpaths and gardens need to be ripped up to run power cables. Solar street lights are fully self-contained, so when you choose to install one there are no trenches, no external cabling and no need to connect to the main power grid. With absolutely no power bills and very low maintenance these solar streetlights and solar lighting modules will pay for themselves.

SSL is a standalone system which consists of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) or LED Lamp as light source, rechargeable SMF/Tubular battery for storage, Solar Photovoltaic Module for charging battery, suitable electronics for operation of lamps and safe charging and discharging of batteries and mechanical hardware for fixing these sub systems.

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  • Highly efficient charge controller and inverter
  • Weather proof efficient luminaries
  • Overcharge / Undercharge and all other necessary protections
  • Weather resistant Mechanical Structure
  • Long life full power Solar P.V. Module


  • Low maintenance cost
  • No underground wiring is required
  • Detailed specification of components of power plant
  • Green Energy for better tomorrow
  • Easy to install

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